Automatic Transformer Test System

Automatic Transformer Test System 9560 (3-in1+AC Source)

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The MICROTEST 9560 Transformer Integrated Test System is a comprehensive measurement system that integrates low-voltage electrical characteristics and safety compliance testing into a single platform. Controlled by a PC, it provides 20 test channels. The system integrates an AC source for dynamic testing of transformers (open-circuit voltage, excitation current, no-load power) and measures the inductance value of transformers. The optional LCR Meter offers test frequencies of 200kHz, 500kHz, and 1MHz.

The 9560 test system combines low-voltage testing for transformers with AC/DC withstand insulation testing and interlayer short-circuit testing. The low-voltage testing includes parameters such as inductance value, leakage inductance, DC resistance, AC resistance, quality factor, capacitance value, turns ratio, and checks for shorted terminals. The safety compliance testing offers AC withstand voltage up to 5000V, DC withstand voltage up to 6000V, and maximum insulation impedance of 12000MΩ. The interlayer short-circuit test utilizes non-destructive high-voltage pulse testing technology. It analyzes the damping attenuation waveform generated by L/C resonance to detect short-circuit defects between transformer coils or insulation layers. 

Technical Data

Low Voltage Electrical Test
Hi pot/ Insulation Test
Impulse Test (Layer Short Circuit)
21 Channels
Test Frequency (200k/500k/1MHz)
AC Voltage Output 5000V
DC Votage Output 6000V
Insulation Resistance 12000MΩ
Excitation Current /Open- circuit voltage /The no-load power

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