Hi pot Tester 7631 (8 Channel)

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MICROTEST HI-POT Tester Safety Mechanism

Output safety switch. Switch on the inter lock before testing.

Instrument will stop testing when open loop happened.

Synchronization Display INTER LOCK

Safety Certification Testing Items

AC Hi pot

DC Hi pot

Insulation Resistance

Current Leakage

Multi-channel programmable Test Function

Why Do We Need Multi-Channel Programmable Test Function?

There are many safety standards that request withstanding voltage test. Testing time is usually more than one minute. Furthermore, some product line request 100% inspect the product. Customers hope that the multiple product can be inspect in the same time to reduce the time and fixture and increase the efficiency.

Hi-pot Tester offer expansion option for multi-product testing.

Hi-pot Test Time

The testing voltage is refer to the condition of DUT while doing Hi-pot test. If the voltage setting is too low, the insulation material defect might not be detected. If the voltage setting is too high and the testing time is too long, it may cause the permanent damage for the material.

Normally setting for the safety standard.

Formula →Testing Voltage= DUT recommend voltage × 2+1000V

EX : DUT standard :240V →Setting test voltage:1480V

Common way to safe time for testing

Testing time for most products is 60s. If there are more than one test on one item, it will cost a lot of time. This will lower the efficiency og the product line.

Therefore, the product line usually shorter the testing time to 1~2 sec. and higher 10%~20% testing voltage.

What is Insulation Resistance Test

VDE and TUV safety standard request insulation resistance test for some specific product before hi-pot test. The reason is to make sure the insulation will not be damaged while doing hi-pot testing. Insulation resistance test is the key item to evaluate the material.

Hi-pot test is judge by leakage current, but IR test is judge by resistance, and usually it’s higher than 1 MΩ. It tests the DUT’s resistance between both terminal.

Why Do We Need To Do IR Test

Confirm the performance of the structure of the insulation.

The insulation structure should have higher insulation resistance rate by using better material.

For the insulation material, the protection against electric shock of the switch must be guaranteed.

Confirm the insulation structure can pass the reliability test(heat durability, insulation)

The importance of insulation resistance.

Before assemble the product, IQC has to do the IR test for every components, such as switches, transformers, resistors, capacitors, inductors, PCB, wire or cable to make sure the quality.

Leakage Current Test

→Measuring Tiny AC Leakage Current

DUT has tiny parasitic capacitance. This characteristic will create leakage current by resistance. Capacitor is a resistance component under AC voltage. This may cause the test result include the leakage current inside the instrument. If the DUT has low leakage current, we must consider capacitance , frequency, and the voltage we put.

Arc Detection

The surface or interior of the insulation material might discharge under high voltage test. Because of the lost of insulation performance, DUT may have temporary of discontinuity discharge.

Because that temporary discharge can’t be judge by leakage current, so Hi-pot tester will judge the defect product by the changing rate of testing voltage or leakage current.

Arc test is a geometric not a constant test. Also, the detection will be affect by the wire’s impedance or capacitance between the detectors. The rate of change of the current will be affect in the Arc detection.

Technical Data

8 Channels
Hi pot ACW 5KV/30mA
Hi pot DCW 6KV/10mA
Insulation 1KV/12000MΩ
Arcing detection
True RMS measurement circuit
Measuring Time (0.1 ~ 999s)
Adjustable ramp time (0.1 ~ 10s)
Safety Switch(INTER LOCK)
Option PC Link Software
7508/7516 (8/16 channels) expansion box
Support AC 5000V, DC 6000V, Insulation Resistance 12GΩ

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