2-in-1 Transformer Testing System

2-in-1 Transformer Testing System Low Voltage+Safety

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MICROTEST 2-in-1 Transformer Integrated Test System is a comprehensive solution that combines low-voltage electrical characteristics testing and safety compliance testing. It offers 20 testing channels and integrates low-voltage testing (including inductance, leakage inductance, resistance, capacitance, etc.) with AC/DC withstand voltage insulation testing (up to 5000V/6000V). It ensures efficient and convenient testing for transformer products.

To measure the inductance value of a transformer, you can use an LCR meter, which offers selectable test frequencies including 200kHz, 500kHz, and 1MHz. It supports software that allows connection to a PC, enabling the storage of test data.

Technical Data

Low Voltage Electrical Test
Hi pot/ Insulation Test
20 Channels
Test Frequency (200k/500k/1MHz)
AC Voltage Output 5000V
DC Votage Output 6000V
Insulation Resistance 12000MΩ

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