Impulse Winding Tester เครื่องทดสอบขดลวดอิมพัลส์

MICROTEST Impulse Winding Tester is designed for testing magnetic components with both high and low inductance values. It is used for reliable insulation testing of wound components and utilizes non-destructive pulse voltage for waveform sampling and comparison. This method effectively detects insulation issues in devices such as motors, transformers, and inductors.

7750 series features a faster color display screen and offers pulse voltage outputs of 1200V/5200V/10000V. Its high-speed 200MHz/9-bit sampling technology provides various comparison modes, including Total area comparison, Differential area comparison, Corona comparison, LAPLACIAN Comparison, FLUT Comparison and COMP Comparison. The testing speed can reach up to 10 times per second, making it an excellent choice for automated production lines.

The 7703/7700 series offers pulse voltage outputs of 5000V/10000V. By analyzing the damping attenuation waveform generated by L/C resonance, it detects defects such as short circuits between coils and between layers of enameled wire in magnetic components.