USB Type-C Tester

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USB Type-C Test Solution

Universal Serial Bus a.k.a. USB

is the interface connect computer and outer device

USB Type-C can be insert by both side, and better power supply. Replace the VGA/DVI/HDMI video transmitting.

USB Type-C give the consumer better experience for transmitting data, media sharing charging mobile device by using on USB cable. Compatible with DisplayPort, MHL and Thunderbolt 3, etc. USB-C will replace more transmitting interface in the future.

Due to the various charging mode that may caused the unfit specification damage the cable and user, USB Type-C needs to insert an E-Mark IC to control the operation. The inspection for protection chip around E-Mark IC is important.

E-Mark IC is the critical part of Type-C interface. Manufacturer takes the quality of protection component around E-Mark IC really seriously.

Isolation Diode

RA Resistance

Signal line to ground line filter capacitor

Microtest Cable Tester 8740NAC is a multifunctional portable tester. Not only detect the poor processing product, but also the O/S status between each contact and the protection component around E-Mark IC.

A desktop portable instrument included conduction, Hi-Pot, component, multi-functional tester fulfill USB Type-C harness inspection.

2-in-1 Current Expand Box FX-000C28 (5A) can measure voltage difference and inner resistance.

And test the USB Type-C E-Marker IC's code.

2-in-1 Current Expand Box FX-000C28 (5A)

can measure voltage difference and inner resistance.

Qualcomm has combine QC 4.0 and latest PD spec.. High Current low voltage is the trend in the future.

Voltage difference and Resistance is the important figures for the quality.

Voltage difference, smaller is better.

The resistance might cause voltage difference problem because of the high current transmitting. Charger might be damaged if the voltage difference is too high.

Inner Resistance, smaller is better

The material of cable will affect the efficiency of charging. The inner resistance will increase under high current. With our expansion box, you might able to detect voltage difference and inner resistance.

8761NAC All-In-One Test Function For USB Type-C

Loop learning for O/S Test

Conduction Resistance Test

High Speed Disconnect Test

AC HI-POT Maxinum700V

DC HI-POTMaxinum1000V

DC insulationMaxinum1.2GΩ

1KΩ resistance Ra rate

Diode voltage 0V~6.8V

TxRx signal wire to Gnd equivalent capacitance

High Current voltage gap/Resistance

Technical Data

AC Hi pot Test 100V-700V
DC Hi pot Test 50V-1000V
Test Pin 64/128
4-wire measurement conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
E-Marker IC Test
Voltage Drop Test (5A)
AC/DC Hipot Test
DC insulation
Support bar code scan and print function
Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of wire or connectors

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