Cable Tester 8761 Series

Cable Tester 8761 Series 8761FA/8761NA/8761N

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4-Wire Test

Connect to DUT directly to prevent any deviation.

For measuring low resistance DUT, we recommend to choose 4-wire tester.

The measurement items of 8740 cable or harness tester have (1) Open/Short;(2) Conductance; (3) Components; (4) AC Hipot; (5) DC insulation/ Hipot; (6) Quick conductance (7) Intermittence O/S, and (8) Quick Intermittence open circuit. It supports RS-232, USB Host, Print, Remote interfaces.

Conductance Detect the contact resistance in the cable connector.

The conduction resistance is over the standard.

Open/Short Test

Make sure the contact of wire work properly.

Open: The wire should be contact, but it doesn’t

Short: The wire shouldn’t be contacted, but it does

Intermittence O/S

Make sure the cable has intermittent open/short defection

There is damage on part of cable, that cause instant contact or not.

HI pot Test

Put a stabile high voltage on cable to make sure the quality of DUT

DC insulation

The result will judge by the rate of insulation resistance. Insulation resistance defect may cause DUT be penetrated or leakage current under high voltage.

Arc Test

Some high precision product for automobile and military can’t accept any arc under high voltage.

Inspect the loop contact in the connector fit the request of insulation and voltage.

Insulation resistance between loop is lower than the standard.

The voltage resistance is lower than the standard that cause leakage current.

All ground test method

Ground pin must be set for this mode to perform insulation test for non-grounded cable to specified grounded cable; its advantage is that the test speed is fast, but its disadvantage is that insulation test is not performed between non-grounded cables.

Quick binary test method

This mode is similar to quick categorization; if there are 8 test pins test DUT A B C D E F G H, when test is performed for each cable or pin, it has to be tested 7 times sequentially in order to determine whether the test DUT passed. But if the quick test method is used, the first time A B C D and E F G H are divided into two groups for testing, and the second time A B E F and C D G H are divided into two groups for testing, and the third time A C E G and B D F H are divided into two groups for testing, then the test only needs to be performed three times to confirm whether the test DUT passed. Therefore, if the test DUT has 128 pins, and if test is performed for every cable or pin, the test has to be performed 127 times; with the quick test method, the test only has to run 8 times. However, the disadvantage is that it cannot find out which are the error pins and the cable segment resistance will be slightly lower than the actual value because of the cable segments were tested in parallel.

One to other test method

This is the most fundamental test method for high voltage insulation test. High voltage is connected to the test pin A and the other pins are grounded to observe its current leakage or insulation value, and then high voltage is connected to test pin B and the other pins are grounded to observe its current 60 leakage or insulation value and so on. High voltage is connected to each pin while other pins are grounded to observe their current leakage or insulation value. This way it can confirm that all the test pin high voltage insulation test have no problems, and the number of tests for this method is N-1 times. This test method is more accurate and it can find the insulation and current leakage value for each pin; its disadvantage is that it is slower.

Resistance Test

Capacitance Test

Diode Test

Technical Data

Model 8761N, 8761NA , 8761FA
4-wire measurement conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
Test pin 64/128/256
Number of test file up to 500 sets
AC/DC Hipot Test
DC insulation
Quick conductance
Multiple DUT test
Support bar code scan and print function
Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of wire or connectors

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