LCR Meter 6365A Electrochemical Applications

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MICROTEST 6365A LCR Meter provides a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 200kHz and is suitable for applications such as electrochemical impedance or battery material testing. With an extremely low starting frequency of 0.1Hz, it can accurately measure parameters such as |Z| (impedance), |Y| (admittance), θ (phase angle), X (reactance), R (series/parallel resistance), G (conductance), B (susceptance), L (inductance), D (dissipation factor), Q (quality factor), DCR (DC resistance), and C (capacitance). It supports communication interfaces such as RS-232, Handler, LAN, USB Host, GPIB, and allows storage of test screens and data via USB. With the optional PC connection software, it also enables sweep analysis capabilities.

Technical Data

Ultra Low Frequency 0.1Hz-200kHz
Output Impedance 100Ω
Open Circuit/Short Circuit
Meter Mode
List Mode
7.0" TFT, 800×480 color screen
Four Parameters Displayed Simultaneously
Basic Accuracy ±0.05%
Using Graphical Analysis by PC Link
RS-232、Handler、LAN、USB Host 、Handler、GPIB

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