Impulse Winding Tester 7750 Series 7750-10S/5S/5H/5E/1S

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Enhance the insulation reliability of Winding Components

Insulation Reliability Testing Plan for EV Wiring Components

What Is Layer Short ?

A magnetic component whit a lot of winding. However, the coil will cause short when the insulation has problem.

If this happened, the magnetic field will be changed. This will affect the efficiency of whole system.

Why will short happened on winding ?

The process of enameled wire

          The process of painting may scratch the wire.

          Crack on the wire.

Winding Process

         Hook/Our of order/ Envelop

         Winding span

         Tin attached

Why do we need impulse tester for producing motor/transformer?

The small defection is hard to find at low voltage test station. As the DUT goes to the final assembly test, the defect may show up.

This will higher the cost of production.

Motor and transformer usually work under high voltage.

If we add impulse test in the product line, this may prevent the malfunction or burn on motor.

Impulse Test= Quality and product life test

7750 Technology of Detect Layer Short

“Pulse voltage and waveform comparison” is the way we detect layer short.

The pulse voltage is non-destructive/instant voltage that apply on both side of winding and detect the DUT without damage it. By compare the wave with the golden sample, we can judge the DUT.

Technical Data

Lowest Inductance (≥0.1μH)
High voltage calibration
programmable impulse voltage
200MHz/9bit High Impulse Test Sampling Rate
Total Area Comparison
Differential Area Comparison
Corona Comparison
LAPLACIAN Comparison
Voltage Compensation Function

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