Impulse Winding Tester 7700 (5000V)

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HARM analysis

This function will zoom the wave and compare with the wave of golden sample to inspect if there is any corona on the coil.

Coil cross can be inspect by this precision zoom function.

HFLT analysis

The instrument will quantize a high frequency noise part into a value. If the value is higher than the setting, the instrument will shows “Fail”. Therefore, even the harmonic amplitude is not over setting, the instrument will shows” Fail” if the noise value is higher than setting. This parameter is to increase the ability of inspect coil cross.

Introduction of Impulse Tester

Impulse Winding Tester use the comparison of pulse to measure the DUT. The instrument provide high voltage to do the instant pulse test and record the wave. Compare with the golden sample to define the product.

Why do we need impulse tester for producing motor/transformer?

Impulse Test = Quality and product life test

The small defection is hard to find at low voltage test station. As the DUT goes to the final assembly test, the defect may show up. This will higher the cost of production.

Motor and transformer usually work under high voltage. If we add impulse test in the product line, this may prevent the malfunction or burn on motor.

Technology of Detect Layer Short

“Pulse voltage and waveform comparison” is the way we detect layer short. The pulse voltage is non-destructive/instant voltage that apply on both side of winding and detect the DUT without damage it. By compare the wave with the golden sample, we can judge the DUT.

Damping wave under L/C resonate comes from the feature change of defect coil.

Inductance of coil

Q rate

Turn ratio of coil(voltage different)

Material of core

Layer short in the coil

By comparing the wave of damping attenuation between golden sample and DUT

Provides 5 waveform comparison

Total area comparison

Differential area comparison

Wave comparison

Flat comparison

Corona comparison

Technical Data

High voltage calibration
programmable impulse voltage
Built-in storage 200 sets testing waveform
Total area comparison
Differential area comparison
Wave comparison
Flat and Corona
Support RS-232, remote and printer interfaces
Key lock function to prevent operators from accidentally touching the keys

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