Impedance Analyzer 6632

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ดาวน์โหลด 6632_SPEC

MLCC Test Solution

Wireless Charging Coil-SRF Test Solution

Ultrasonic Sensor Test Solution

The precision impedance analyzer 6632 has seven frequency options(10Hz to 1/3/5/10/20/30/50MHz). 

Evaluation impedance characteristics of RFID / NFC / automotive wireless of antennas 

Equivalent Circuit Analysis (Option)

It has seven different models, combine with different types of parameters ( R, L, C) help customers model the impedance versus frequency characteristics and self-resonant frequency (SRF).

The induction coil for wireless charging in a mobile phone. Due to the manufacturing process, the wiring density layout from the induction coil will affect the original capacitance. The size of the parallel equivalent capacitance in the coil is the key to determine whether the product can be successful in high frequency application. It can affect the receiving function/wireless charging of an antenna. With this element analysis, we can accurately determine the RLC value to ensure the quality of the induction coil 

Model E is suitable for measuring and analyzing the resonators, piezoelectric element or transducer. The two-resonance frequency characteristic diagram presented above is suited for Model E.

List Mode

50 groups of list mode setting (Each group contains up to 15 steps).

Four Parameters Displayed Simultaneously

7.0”TFT, 800x480 color screen, and four parameters can displayed simultaneously.

Measure Inductor (DCR)

Inductor coil turns and winding materials will affect DCR value. The key parameters for inductor are Ls / Lp / Q / SRF / DCR.

Evaluation of DC bias voltage characteristics with semiconductor wafer or ceramic multilayer capacitors.

Magnetic Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C8)

Using the magnetic material test fixture for measuring of permeability of various toroidal cores or ferrite cores and electromagnetic shielding coating materials, 6632 built-in formula to directly calculate the permeability coefficient value μr

Dielectric Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C7)

Liquid Dielectric Material Test Fixture (FX-000C20)

Using the dielectric material test fixture for measuring PCB board or ceramic board. 6632 built-in formula to directly calculate the material dielectric value εr ', εr ".Using the liquid dielectric material test fixture for measuring the characteristics of electrochemical materials.

Testing PC board inductance coil.

Technical Data

Frequency range DC, 10Hz to 1/3/5/10/20/30MHz/50MHz:
Basic accuracy up to ±0.08% (typical ±0.05% )
Automatic Level Control (ALC)
Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable
Support meter mode and list mode, sweep mode
Equivalent Circuit Analysis
Built-in DC Bias voltage ±12V
Ultra-high measuring speed < 3ms
Open circuit/short circuit/load correction function
Comparator function
BIN classification function
Built-in the Permeability-μr
Built-in the Dielectric constant-εr

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